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The idea of ​​Dodo Shoes was born out of a need to add quality to Romanian children's footwear. When we became parents, we often encountered difficulties in choosing the right shoes for our children. Studying the market, especially the international one, we decided to choose friendly and, first of all, healthy alternatives for the development of our children. The best variant found was barefoot footwear, because it has an anatomical shape, allows the normal and natural development of the little ones' feet, which are constantly growing until the end of adolescence.

We took the idea further and decided to develop our own workshop, in which to invest our time, energy and knowledge gathered since we became parents. One of the first steps was to talk to specialists in the field of podiatry, to better understand the anatomical aspects of the development of the feet. They encouraged us to choose barefoot shoes, which leave room for the development of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

After accumulating anatomical knowledge, I studied and looked for skin-friendly materials for the little ones, choosing the ones that let the skin breathe. We used our creativity to make the shoes come with a nice design, suitable for the little ones. Following these steps, we started our own brand of children's footwear that takes into account the development of the little ones' feet. And so Dodo Shoes has become what it means today - a healthy alternative for parents when it comes to choosing shoes.

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Dodo Shoes
Barefoot Shoes SRL
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Dumbravita, jud. Timis
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