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1. General Conditions

a. Use of this website implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below. Barefoot Shoes SRL reserves the right to modify this document at any time and in any way. Those changes will take effect as soon as they are introduced in this document. For this reason, we invite you to read this document regularly. If, at any time, you no longer fully accept the provisions of this document, you may no longer use this website. Any use of this website or its services will be considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document.

  1. This website, which can be publicly accessed at www.dodoshoes.ro, hereinafter referred to in this document as "www.dodoshoes.ro", is a product of Barefoot Shoes SRL (hereinafter referred to in this document as "DodoShoes" ). All copying, reproduction and distribution rights in any form are reserved and belong to DodoShoes, in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania.
  2. Barefoot Shoes SRL and www.dodoshoes.ro cannot be held responsible for the way in which a user of the website uses in any way the information presented in this website. www.dodoshoes.ro and Barefoot Shoes SRL do not assume liability, in any situation, for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, for any lack of direct or indirect profit (including, but not limited to: damages for loss of profit, interruption of business, other pecuniary damages), suffered as a result of the use or interruption of the use of information and services provided by www.dodoshoes.ro.
  3. DodoShoes and www.dodoshoes.ro cannot guarantee that the computer systems or software programs used to display or transmit the information on / from www.dodoshoes.ro or in any other form do not contain viruses or other destructive sequences of code or other destructive properties, as these systems and software are not made by / under the control of DodoShoes or www.dodoshoes.ro but DodoShoes and www.dodoshoes.ro will make every effort to ensure that these computer systems and software used do not contain viruses or other destructive sequences of code or destructive properties.

Each user of www.dodoshoes.ro agrees, at the request of Barefoot Shoes SRL, to exempt www.dodoshoes.ro and Barefoot Shoes SRL from liability for any legal or extrajudicial actions and to cover the court costs and any other expenses which may arise as a result of the user's breach of the terms of this document.


  1. Intellectual property

By using this website you acknowledge that www.dodoshoes.ro and all services and products offered or marketed through www.dodoshoes.ro have been developed, compiled, prepared, verified, selected and arranged by Barefoot Shoes SRL and other organizations and individuals by using methodologies that involve a substantial consumption of effort, time and money and that they constitute the intellectual property of BArefoot Shoes SRL and other organizations or individuals (as appropriate).


The content and design of www.dodoshoes.ro, as well as any other material related to www.dodoshoes.ro sent by e-mail or provided in any other way (for example: guides, articles, design) belong to Barefoot Shoes SRL and collaborators (where this is expressly specified) and are protected by intellectual property laws. Except as expressly stated in this document, the copying, use or reproduction of the content and design of www.dodoshoes.ro without the prior written permission of Barefoot Shoes SRL are prohibited. It is forbidden in any case to use the name www.dodoshoes.ro or DodoShoes or any derivations that refer to the name www.dodoshoes.ro or DodoShoes without the prior written approval of Barefoot Shoes SRL.


Any natural or legal person can contact www.dodoshoes.ro and can send ideas, suggestions or materials of any kind, within the limits of the legal regulations in force. By sending any information or idea to www.dodoshoes.ro or Barefoot Shoes SRL, you acknowledge Barefoot Shoes SRL's full, permanent and irrevocable right to modify and use that information in any way deemed useful or necessary, including to develop and market new products or services based on this information.

You acknowledge that you have no right to claim any consideration for such ideas or suggestions.


3. Use of the "dodoshoes.ro" content

It is forbidden to use www.dodoshoes.ro and the services and products offered or marketed through www.dodoshoes.ro in ways or in order to achieve purposes that contravene the legal rules in force or the provisions of this document. Each user of www.dodoshoes.ro agrees not to use, transfer or distribute any of the information presented through www.dodoshoes.ro in a manner that could constitute competition for www.dodoshoes.ro.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modify, create components or complete derivative products or services, as well as any way of exploiting www.dodoshoes.ro, except for the display on the screen of a personal computer and printing or downloading, for personal and non-commercial purposes, certain documents or information explicitly designated for this purpose, provided that all elements relating to intellectual property rights, other property rights and conditions of use of those documents or information remain unchanged .

The content of www.dodoshoes.ro can be viewed only for the personal use of the website user, without commercial intent. The right to use www.dodoshoes.ro:

• is individual (belongs only to the user who accesses www.dodoshoes.ro and cannot be transmitted in any way to another person) and non-exclusive.

• allows obtaining certain materials made by Barefoot Shoes SRL and www.dodoshoes.ro and published through www.dodoshoes.ro in the form of printed documents or in other forms established by Barefoot Shoes SRL and www.dodoshoes.ro. It is forbidden to sell these materials in any form.

• does not allow the reproduction, modification or display as well as the participation in the transfer, multiplication or sale of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying in any form, in whole or in part, the content of www.dodoshoes.ro. Exceptions are cases in which Barefoot Shoes SRL grants a nominated beneficiary, in writing and under certain expressly specified conditions, an explicit right in this regard. To request such a right, contact Barefoot Shoes SRL using the information displayed on the contact page.


4. Information regarding the processing of personal data


1. Data regarding the personal data controller and the proxy

The personal data of the participants will be processed by:

Barefoot Shoes SRL, headquartered in 7 George Cosbuc Street, Dumbravita, Timis, registered at the Trade Register under no. J35 / 1944/2017, having VAT number: 37620788 (hereinafter referred to as “The Controller”),


The contact details of the Controller for ambiguities or the exercise of the rights by the data subjects regarding the personal data are the following:

Barefoot Shoes SRL, headquartered in 7 George Cosbuc Street, Dumbravita, Timis, registered at the Trade Register under no. J35 / 1944/2017, with VAT number: 40252287,


2. Categories of personal data processed:

The Controller will collect from the participants the following categories of personal data:

  • Contact details: name, surname, mobile phone, email address;
  • Payment details: bank account, bank holder name;


1. Purpose of processing

The personal data of the participants in the program will be processed by the Controller through the Proxy in order to:

• organize and conduct campaigns;

• assign the products and fulfill the fiscal and financial accounting obligations of the Controller.


2. The legal basis of the processing

The data will be processed based on the legitimate interest and consent, by the acceptance by the data subject of the Regulation and its annexes.


3. Recipients of personal data

The personal data collected by the Controller will be disclosed to the Controller's Representatives, as well as to the authorities, in cases where the Controller must comply with the obligations imposed by the legislation in force.


4. The rights of data subjects

In order to ensure a fair and transparent processing, the Controller ensures to the buyers the following rights:

• the right to withdraw the consent regarding the processing, at any time, without this affecting the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent before its withdrawal;

• the right to request access to personal data;

• the right to request the rectification of personal data;

• the right to request the deletion of personal data

• the right to restrict processing;

• the right to oppose the processing, unless the legal provisions provide otherwise;

• the right to data portability;

• the right to submit a complaint to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

Within this website, promotions can be carried out in which the designation of the winners will be made by automatic means of processing personal data, without human intervention.

Participants may exercise their aforementioned rights either by a written request, dated, signed and addressed to the Controller at 7 George Cosbuc Street, Dumbravita, Timis, or by sending it to the e-mail address office@dodoshoes.ro.


5. Security of personal data

The Controller undertakes to implement adequate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure a level of security corresponding to the personal data belonging to the buyers. When assessing the appropriate level of security, account shall be taken in particular of the risks presented by the processing of personal data, generated in particular, accidentally or illegally, by destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, stored or processed.

The Controller has the right to amend this article to the Regulation at any time, only if more effective measures are discovered to protect and secure the personal data of the data subjects and without affecting their rights and freedoms. Any such change will be published on the Controller's website, respectively will be brought to the notice of the buyers by the same means by which they were informed about the Regulation.


6. Other provisions

The personal data of the participants in the Program will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation no. 679/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

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